pub trait GObjectPropertyExpressionExt {
    fn property_expression(&self, property_name: &str) -> PropertyExpression;
    fn property_expression_weak(
        property_name: &str
    ) -> PropertyExpression; fn this_expression(property_name: &str) -> PropertyExpression; }
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Trait containing convenience methods in creating PropertyExpression that looks up a property of a glib::Object.


label_expression is an Expression that looks up at Button’s label property.

use gtk::prelude::*;

let button = gtk::Button::new();
button.set_label("Label property");

let label_expression = button.property_expression("label");

Required methods

Create an expression looking up an object’s property.

Create an expression looking up an object’s property with a weak reference.

Create an expression looking up a property in the bound this object.