Module glib::object

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IMPL Object wrapper implementation and Object binding.


Builder for object property bindings.

Class struct of type T.

Reference to the class struct of type T.

Interface struct of type T for some type.

Reference to a class struct of type T.

The base class in the object hierarchy.

Value type checker for object types.

A weak reference to the object it was created for that can be sent to different threads even for object types that don’t implement Send.

A weak reference to an object.


Marker trait for the statically known possibility of downcasting from Self to T.

Upcasting and downcasting support.

Declares the “is a” relationship.

Trait implemented by class types.

Trait implemented by interface types.

Automatically implemented by ObjectSubclass variants of wrapper!

Implemented by types representing glib::Object and subclasses of it.

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